Alien Petshop

Created by Ogre Crossing Games

The Kickstarter campaign is over and games have shipped to backers, but you can still bring these cute and mildly dangerous pets in your home! Manage your dice workers and the chaos in this light engine builder.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 01:24:04 AM

Greetings Petshoppers!

Pre-press is well under way for Alien Petshop. What is pre-press? That is when art files for cards, rulebooks, and other printed components are prepared for the manufacturer.  This also includes things like the plastic insert which we unlocked at the very end of the kickstarter!  I've had a lot of folks volunteer to fine-tooth comb the rulebook and the cards. The rulebook was also updated to reflect the unlocked stretch goals. So the rules now mention the Episode cards for example.  

If you have a good eye for proofing and want to contribute, the link to the rulebook is here:

You can add comments to the doc using the + icon in the upper right of the chrome PDF viewer.

So all of the new pets and Episodes have been playtested and we're ready to send art to the manufacture.  Aside from any last typos on the manual that you all find, we're almost finished pre-press! We are very close to the original scheduled date for pre-press of August 31st but I think the extra diligence and new content from the stretch goals is worth it!

Best regards,


The last new pet has been discovered from the vast reaches of space!!!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 09, 2021 at 08:55:23 PM

Greetings Petshoppers!

All the way from sector 13, a new critter has been discovered and it is a unique one!

Introducing the Chromadoh!

This little guy has a very unique ability. You get to pick its attribute when the game ends.  So if you need 1 more pink pet or carnivore pet to score a bigger end game bonus, the Chromadoh can count as 1 of these! So its like a 'wild' card.  

This design happened because of the exacting balance of all the attributes. This pet couldn't have ANY attributes. So I decided it should be a crazy hybrid of a gelatinous cube and playdoh!

So it may not be the cutest pet in the galaxy, but it has a unique purpose in your shop. Please comment and tell me how you feel about this critter!

There is only 1 more pet art to update and then all the art is done for the base game!!

Reminder Time!

Surveys went out to backers via Backerkit last week and 70% of you have filled in your address. Awesome! If you missed the email, a quick check of your email from August 2nd (and maybe even your SPAM folder) may reveal the survey.  Searching your inbox for "ogre crossing" or "alien petshop" may help. Backerkit will send out reminders too.

Share the pet love!

Do you have some gamer friends who might want in on the petshop action? They can pre-order the game at:

Until next time,


Surveys are on their way!!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 02, 2021 at 10:27:15 PM

Hello Petshoppers!

After a successful smoke test of the surveys and pre-order store, surveys will be going out to everyone today! Thank you to all the Petshoppers who helped me test the setup!!!   For folks who are new to Kickstarter, the survey is where you fill in your address. You also confirm your pledge level and even have the option to add more copies of the game to your order.  With your address entered, the appropriate shipping fee and applicable taxes (like VAT for the EU/UK) can be added. 

So please keep an eye out in your inbox for the survey message from the Backerkit pledge manager. Everyone will need to do the survey by October 31st. I'll send out reminders to stragglers as we get closer to the lock in date.

Best regards,


The new Alien Pet and the Pledge Manager
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 07:12:17 AM

Hello Petshoppers!

It's been a few weeks since the end of the campaign so I want to share an update.

First, we have a "finalized" new pet based on the votes.  It was very close. I wish I could put in all the pets!! Thank you everyone for the feedback and creative ideas!

Here is the Pricklepod!

Finalizing art is part of pre-press where files are prepared for the printer. So that's all on schedule!

Pledge Manager Update!

The Backerkit pledge manager will be sending out surveys to backers soon.  A small, random selection of backers will receive surveys starting today to help me test the responses and experience. The survey is where you fill out your shipping address so we know where to send your Alien Petshop when its ready. You will also have a chance to purchase extra copies of Petshop from the pre-order store. If you pledged for 1 copy of Alien Petshop and want another, you can actually save some money on shipping by changing your pledge to the Base Game x2 pledge level. That's all there in the survey and pre-order store.

If you encounter any strangeness with the survey and pre-order store, let me know at:

Best regards,


We did it and then some!!!! Thank you Petshoppers!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 03:59:59 AM

You helped something very special happen. 

You helped make a board game. Thank you so much for allowing this galactic dream to come true!  These alien pets can’t wait to make it into your home! They might chew on the furniture.  They might slime the walls. BUT THEY'RE SO FLUFFY!

So, What’s Next?

You can sit back and stay tuned for email updates on the project. I’ll show you any new pet designs, and keep you posted on production. Kickstarter will start charging your cards for your pledges. (Thanks again for your support!!!)

Lastly, watch out for the Pledge Manager email (see below)

For me? I will:

· finalize the design and art for the stretch goals

· send pre-press files to the manufacturer

· make sure the printed proofs look AMAZING!!

The Pledge Manager

A pledge manager is a website (just like Kickstarter) that allows you to manage your pledge. We are using Backerkit, one of the best in the business! A pledge manager is important because:

· this is where you set and update your shipping address (this info isn’t in Kickstarter!!!)

· pay for shipping and (for the EU and UK, VAT)

· confirm your pledge rewards

· add any extra copies of the game you’d like to purchase.

I will send out an update when the pledge manager is going live in a few weeks so you can jump in.

So once again, thank you so much for being a part of this journey! I’ve had so many amazing moments playtesting Alien Petshop and met some great folks. I can’t wait for you to create your own stories with friends and family.

Best regards,