Alien Petshop

Created by Ogre Crossing Games

The Kickstarter campaign is over and games have shipped to backers, but you can still bring these cute and mildly dangerous pets in your home! Manage your dice workers and the chaos in this light engine builder.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

91% Wahoo! and art process!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 09:39:30 PM

I am amazing by the outpouring of interest folks have shown for these quirky petshops from outerspace. 

We are at 91% of our funding goal and that is just SO EXCITING!!!! Hopefully we'll blow past 100% and start to gather steam towards some great new content for the game.



I thought I would share a video showing how I paint an typical pet in Alien Petshop.

This process is what I'll use for our new pet.  We've gotten many creative and great possible names from you all! Thank you and keep them coming!

In our next update, hopefully I will talk about us being fully funded, AND I'll discuss what Scenario cards are!

Thank you all Petshoppers!



Day 3 Update from the Petshop
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 11:13:59 PM

It’s been a great start!

We are at 75% of the funding goal after just 2 and 1/2 days and that is super! I am so thankful to those who have backed Alien Petshop!!
Kickstarter has tagged us as a “Project We Love’, so they see great things in this game!

Our first stretch goal!

The first goal, after funding, is to reach $9000 when we’ll unlock 3 new alien pet cards! I can’t wait to design some new pets WITH YOUR INPUT!
Reaching that goal is just a small jump and I know we can do it! Organic word-spreading and grassroots support are key for a small indie game, like Alien Petshop. So keep retweeting, posting on your Facebook groups, and messaging your friends and family so we can add more cool stuff to Alien Petshop. If you are on Instagram and have a good number of followers, that's a great place to generate some buzz too!

The first new pet!!

Here is the first rough sketch! Let's make this happen!

What would you name this ball of happiness?

Please comment with ideas you have for alien pets in the spirit of cute floofs that may be dangerous.  We don't mind alien tropes so long as we can make them match the family tone of the game.

Best regards,


Thank you for your support of Alien Petshop. You've made the first day great!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 11:10:15 AM


From all across the galaxy, you all have come together to help move Alien Petshop towards reality. The transporter beam is at 54% after 17 hours of the campaign. I cannot thank you enough for the support.

I've tried to personally thank as many of you as I can, and I will continue to do so over the next day or so. 

With your contribution,  we can rescue these pets, just like AlienAid below!!!

Is 54% good?  Yes!  We are trending towards backing Alien Petshop which is amazing news, but I will fill you in on an industry secret: funding a project in the first 48-72 hours is crucial. That is when all the influencers, content-creators, and would-be backers take notice that WE HAVE A KICK BUTT GAME HERE! That momentum will allow us to soar through cool stretch goals like extra pets, episode cards (which are great!!), and hopefully upgraded components.  

If you can keep sharing, retweeting, and posting to spread the Alien joy, that will make the game even better! 

But for today's support, I give you a heart felt Thank you!


(and Ulu)